Observation Area
Our dance studio has a viewing window that will be open at all times. We recommend that you watch your child at least once per month.

Miss Schapiro does not recommend watching your child in their dance lessons every week as progress is sometimes slow and less apparent when you view every week. With our preschool and kindergarten classes, we will cover the window if we feel that the children are too distracted by the activity in the lobby area.

Lobby Area and Etiquette
Students are to arrive NO earlier than 5 minutes before their scheduled class time, and to be picked up NO later than 10 minutes after their class is dismissed. No FOOD or drinks allowed in lobby or classroom, only BOTTLED WATER.  . Please… no gum!

Patience and understanding are essential. No child wishes to be inferior to the rest of the group, and all children learn at a different rate. If you have cause to discuss your child’s dance education, please not in the lobby, or in front of your child, another parent or student. Please ask for a PRIVATE interview with her teacher. You will receive my attention, gratitude and respect.

JSSD reserves the right to dismiss any students who repeatedly DISRUPTS the class or acts in a manner unbecoming of a young lady or gentlemen.

Competition Motto
No one’s self worth is determined by a trophy, but by the challenge of striving to 110% of your best effort.