Combination Classes:  New:   Tan tap shoes for 2019 – 2020

 – Black leotard  Plain with no tutu 
 – Tan tights (recital) 
 – Pink ballet shoes 
 – TAN…tap shoes with velco strap
 – Black jazz pants (Capr or shorts)
 – Tan jazz split sole shoes (ask teacher) 
 – Hair in bun or pony tail

Single Subject Ballet:
 – Black Leotard  no skirt attached
 – Black sports bra if needed
 – Tan tights (recital) 
 – Pink ballet shoes (pointe shoes require the teacher’s permission). 

Int and Adv Wed classes:  tan canvas split sole ballet shoes
 – Black ballet skirt teacher approval needed
 – Hair in a bun with hair net   (no scrunchy)

Single Subject Tap/Jazz/Hip Hop: New: Tan tap shoes for 2018 – 2019
– Black leotard/ t shirt for hip hop

-Tan tights
– Black jazz pants or capri or shorts
– Tan jazz shoes
– TAN tap shoes with velco strap– Black sequin tennis shoes Hip Hop( Recital )

– Hair in a pony tail or pulled back

Drill Team Hours:  Ms Emerald,s class on Mon 7:30 – 9 pm and Ballet on Thur 630 – 900 with Ms Joee

9th graders and up: whatever clothes and shoes are required for dance at your  high school are permitted in class.  You must wear a leotard under your tee shirt and a black sports bra. Thursday ballet is a black leotard, tan tights, ballet shoes and hair in bun

Dance Supplies
We recommend Fancy Dancer for your leotards, tights, and shoes. Wal-Mart, Target, and Academy now carry some dance supplies. Please be careful and get real leather ballet shoes and not the soft bedroom slipper type.